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Chiayi's Cheng Huang Temple

Chiayi's Cheng Huang Temple
The roof of Sanchuanmen is a fake four hanging type.
Asset Classification: Monument
Address: No. 168, Wufeng N. Rd.,West Dist.,Chiayi Cit
Announcement date: 2021/09/23
GPS Coordinates: 120.45401,23.47838
Competent Authority: Ministry of Culture



Chiayi was once known as ""Chuluo"", derived from the name of the indigenous tribe which originally occupied that territory, ""Tirosen"" (rendered in Chinese as ""Zhuluoshan""). In the Qing era, the Qing government established Chuluo County and the administrative seat that would become modern-day Chiayi City. Cheng Huang (City God) was originally the guardian deity of a city's protective barriers, before leaving his place in the natural world and evolving into the god of justice in the underworld. A temple dedicated to Cheng Huang is always built whenever a new city is established, so Chiayi's Cheng Huang Temple has enjoyed a high religious status since its founding. Each year, Cheng Huang Temple holds several days of Pudu rites from the end of the 6th lunar month to the 1st day of the 7th lunar month, starting off a month of Pudu events across Chiayi City. Cheng Huang Temple has three main structures, consisting of the front gate, baiting (worship pavilion), and main hall, plus an additional baiting. This layout was formed when the temple was rebuilt in the 15th year of the Shōwa era (Japanese colonial period; 1940 CE). Japanese waka poetry is inscribed in Cochin ware on the wall of the main hall, a blend of Taiwanese and Japanese culture that is historically significant.