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Zhonggan Temple

Zhonggan Temple
The total width of the Zhonggan Temple is one room, and it consists in two main structures with an additional baiting (worship pavilion).
Asset Classification: Monument
Address: No. 13, Ln. 131, Zhongzheng Rd.,West Centr,Tainan Cit
Announcement date: 2021/09/23
GPS Coordinates: 120.19982,22.99197
Competent Authority: Tainan City



The only temple in Taiwan dedicated to Ni Shenggong (Chief Ni), Zonggan Temple was part of Bajijing, a member of the lianjing (neighborhood watch organization formed by residents from different streets, later associated with different temples) in Tainan during the Qing era. As a result, the temple is also called the ""Zonggan Temple in Bajijing"". It is said that the temple was built during the Kingdom of Tungning period as Shenggong Temple. Located on the shores of Taijiang Inland Sea, it is dedicated to the main deity of the sea and ships, with a majority of worshipers being seafarers, fishermen, and naval officers. In the 54th year of Emperor Qianlong's reign in the Qing era (1789 CE), the temple was renovated and renamed ""Zongguan Temple"". However, as sedimentation shrank the inland sea during the reign of Emperor Jiaqing (1796-1820 CE), the number of worshipers dwindled. In the 15th year of Daoguang Emperor's reign (1835 CE), the temple was renovated once again and renamed ""Zonggan Temple"". The layout of Zonggan Temple consists in two main structures with an additional baiting (worship pavilion). Enshrined at the center of the main hall is a statue of Ni Shenggong, while Fude Zhengshen and Zhusheng Niangniang (the goddess of childbirth) are enshrined on the two sides. Also enshrined here are the ancestral tablets of Qing-era officials Yang Ting-li (1747-1813 CE) and Huang Hua-li (dates of birth and death unknown).